A Different View

My son, Ryan, is the sharing type. He gave me the virus that he had at the beginning of the week. He fared better than I did- I spent four hours yesterday having fluids pumped back into me at the ER. Mostly better, if not a little groggy, today. So how does this all relate to housing? When you are lying on the bathroom floor after nearly passing out, you see things from a different perspective.

The repainted window frames? The lower lip is not painted.
Caulking on the moulding behind the toilet? None.
The install of said moulding? Crappy.

It underscores that real estate does not happen exclusively at adult height. Ryan sees that perspective everyday. I’ve never seen it before.

One Comment on “A Different View

  1. I feel your pain (not the flu, but the poor attention to detail). I’ve been working on a caulking project for a year now because I want it to be perfect, but my wife reminded me of some of the finish work even in the Street of Dreams houses – it seems like it’s the end and the builders just want to finish. I guess we all forgive some things, which I imagine is a blessing in your profession, otherwise you’d be negotiating based on walls being slightly crooked.

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