Nob Hill Photo Tour

We got a chance to get outside yesterday and take some pictures of the Nob Hill/Alphabet District.

3 Comments on “Nob Hill Photo Tour

  1. That’s cool. The music doesn’t really fit the neighborhood, though.

    Why so many shots of the Vaux?

  2. Each time a change is made to an Animoto show, it is remixed and it will
    appear completely differently from the first time.  There is a limit to
    music selection as they have to be non-copyrighted and royalty free to use then. 
    Check out our

    Nob Hill tour
    on TurnerRealtors.com. The tour is an Imprev tour. I
    like the look of them much more but they are much more time consuming to
    construct.  No real reason for three shots of the Vaux. Just

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