Portland Home Auction

Ad on the KGW this morning for AuctionToday.com. This is the second recent auction of Buena Vista homes. Included in the sale is the Shadow Ridge subdevelopment in Happy Valley and Beaverton’s Carson Crest (Phase II and III). There are 11 communities with at least one house for sale in the auction which is scheduled for March 8th.Portland Real Estate Blog

3 Comments on “Portland Home Auction

  1. How does one know that they get a free and clear title?

    I looked at one with outstanding property taxes. The title report doesn’t include utility leans. What about materials and mechanic’s leans?

    Then, there are the inevitable workmanship issues with a new house. Humm…

  2. Nell: That is why you pay your title insurance at closing without question.

  3. OK, so if I am the successful bidder the seller must pay all potential lean holders at the closing table and I buy title insurance just in case someone was overlooked. Right?

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