Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Update

Back in May of 2005, I wrote a post with the title above. It still gets viewed once or twice a day so I thought it might be a good idea to revisit the subject. Three properties in Multnomah County are currently on the Unfit For Use list. The link has a list of all counties in Oregon.

A quick search on Google for a picture of a meth lab came up with this image and list from the Miami Police Department:

Meth_lab and the Signs of a Possible Meth Lab are:
1. Stained coffee filters
2. Empty pseudoephedrine blister packs
3. Strong solvent or ammonia odors*
4. Acetone
5. Toluene
6. Denatured alcohol
7. Red Devil Lye
8. Red Phosphorous*
9. Lithium batteries
10. Anhydrous Ammonia*
11. Heet or gas-line treatments with methyl alcohol
12. Drain cleaner with sulfuric acid
13. Heat source*
14. Glassware (beakers or mason jars)
15. Coffee grinder with white powder residue*
16. Stained tubing*
17. Hypodermic syringes
18. Written recipes*
*Items to be aware of but not in photo

The State still has some good resources on its Drug Lab Cleanup Program page and has been updated since my previous post. There is a page for landlords now.

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