Curb Appeal: The Tale of One Fence

If you can’t get them in the door, you can’t sell it. The fence at our new SW Orchid listing wrapped all four sides of the property with a gate of equal height across the driveway. It was an expensive project that provided great privacy but killed curb appeal.Orchid_old_fence

The “new” fence will be finished tomorrow. It is made almost exclusively from the old fence.Orchid_new_fence_4

Added this picture in response to Haha’s comment below. I can’t add pictures to comments. This was the best the professional photographer could come up with on the previous listing. There was no decent angle to take a shot from.Orchid1_2

2 Comments on “Curb Appeal: The Tale of One Fence

  1. It’s amazing how that new fence eliminated the blur out of the photo. And that’s not to mention how the angle got better. It looks as if the first photo was purposely manipulated to make it look worse!

  2. I added a picture to the original post since it can’t be done in comments. It is what the professional photographer shot for the previous listing.

    Also a key comment about photography. I took the listing picture, the contractor redoing the fence took the first. Thanks for the compliment.

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