Is Your House Really For Sale?

A quick post for the day. How easy is it for your house to be shown? RMLS gives showing instructions on how a house is to be shown. If it isn’t easy to show, you may have just lost your buyer. Two possibilities: they move on to another property or they leave town as they are relocating. If you are a lucky seller, it gets shown later. If you could have got them through the door and you didn’t let them because it was inconvenient you may have lost a sale. We were denied showings at two house yesterday with three hours notice.

  • 24HR-NC
  • CallST
  • KEY-LO

Most of these are pretty obvious. The most commonly selected combinations are RMLSBX/VACANT (go and show) and RMLSBX/CALL1ST (Hi, this is Charles Turner with Prudential NW Properties. I’d like to show your home between 11 and noon. If that is going to be inconvenient, please call me back.” Less favorite scenario but workable, “I am driving my client through your neighborhood, they really like the look of your house. We pulled the listing and it says to call you. I’m sure you’d rather have it shown than not. I’m sorry for the lack of notice but since you aren’t answering, we’ll probably be gone before you get this message.) I’m going to show it unless I hear otherwise and that is the expectation. These are what we as agents really like to see. The listing agent should have already prepped the seller for these possibilities.

Most other combinations require some kind of confirmation or hoop jump. KEY-LO: I have to go to the listing office to pick up the key, show the property, and return the key. Not a good use of mine or client’s time. AG-ACCM: Listing agent accompany. It makes sense in some situations (multimillion dollar homes) but if the house is vacant or owner occupied, you’ve got to get over it. My client wants to talk about your house, in your house without your agent. That and your agent better be able to work to our schedule. VACANT AG-ACCM is a nutty combination in most cases. My RMLS key notifies the listing agent the second I open a lockbox. Common courtesy says I leave a business card.

You may have done everything “right” regarding pricing and marketing but you’ve got to let them in the door without making it difficult.

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  1. I should clarify. When I said “Listing agent accompany. It makes sense in some situations (multimillion dollar homes) but if the house is vacant or owner occupied, you’ve got to get over it.” I meant if you are able bodied. Our 93 year old seller suffering from conjestive heart failure probably is not going to hit the road for a showing!

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