National Press Loves Portland

I5_downtownPortland is CNN Money’s #6 Best Place to Live and Launch.

In case you’ve given up “launching” and have emptied out the nest, Forbes ranks Portland high for places for empty nesters to live.

And so that this isn’t just a puff post about Portland, HousingTracker issues some tough love.Portland Real Estate Blog

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  1. Puff away. Even the real estate naysayers love Portland. That’s why we don’t want to see it turned into an elitist blackhole of pretense that will render it bland and colorless and affordable to only the top 5%.

    That’s what most of America is for. 🙂

  2. Naysayer – What a useless comment. Can you ever say anything positive?

  3. Yes. I am positive you are an elitist, real estate shill who is completely uninformed about real life and who thinks only of themself.

    Was that useful enough?

  4. Inventory UP 36.7% YOY and median price DOWN 8.4% YOY

  5. There an awful lot of small businesses in Oregon. In fact, 80% of the Oregon economy is made up of small businesses with 25 or less employees. Less than half can afford healthcare for their employees however.

    Many small businesses are IT related (financial products, social networking, online advertising and so on). There also appear to be a number of design firms in the mix as well. See this morning’s Oregonian for a piece on how software and design firms are moving downtown to take advantage of the “cool” spaces.

    Here is my McLaughlin Group Prediction…

    Design firms fall under the rubric of Marketing Communications. Marketing and PR are among the first things to go when companies fall on rough times. Software firms making innovative financial products as well as the online advertisers will have their ranks thinned out simply because the of weakened demand for such products.

    This in no way diminishes Portland as a place to “live and launch”, but I do think macro-economic conditions will kill the party here like everywhere else.

    Nobody makes money in a bear market.

  6. Artist formerly known as PDX Renter: for these types of companies it’s likely to be a repeat of 2001-2004. I know of a few of these small startups and their business plans seem shaky at best. Yes, they can make some money when the economy is good, but when we’re in a recession I don’t see most of them surviving very long. Many of these startups rely on google adsense revenue as their main source of income – I’m not sure how that will be sustainable.

  7. Well they can all become realtors or flippers and simply sell each other houses. That seemed to work for the last 10 years.

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