The Domain of Realtors

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The National Association of Realtors clearly defines how the trademarked name “Realtor®” can be used in an Internet address:

1. The term REALTOR®, whether used as part of a domain name or in some other fashion must refer to a member or a member’s firm.

2. The term REALTOR® may not be used with descriptive words or phrases. For example, Number1realtor.com, numberone-realtor.com, chicagorealtors.org or realtorproperties.com are all incorrect.

So, who’s minding the store? www.ChicagoRealtors.com goes to the Chicago Association of Realtors (maybe they have an expemption). You’ll find all sorts of variations of Portland and Realtor on Google in domain names.Portland real Estate Blog

One Comment on “The Domain of Realtors

  1. I had the same questions a month or so ago. Associations can use location + Realtors in the domain name. It would seem unfair and misleading for one agent to have PortlandRealtors.com. Well then, I just checked it and someone does have it. Oops.

    There used to be a company that sold items to Realtors and their site was RealtorZ.com. They are no longer there but they are trying to sell it to an unsuspecting party for $1600 last I saw.

    Also agents cannot use “realtor” in their email such as portlandrealtor@hotmail.com. I bet that one is real as well.

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