The FUJIMO of Real Estate

Fujimo was a beautiful red sailboat that raced on San Francisco Bay in the 80s. Rumor has it that Fujomo was the owner’s acronym for !@# You Jane I’m Moving Out. Urban legend or not, you don’t want your home to become the real estate equivalent of Fujimo. The decision of when and how a property involved in a divorce is sold has many ramifications that are beyond the scope of a Realtor to advise on.

Dan Margolin is our former neighbor and current friend. He is also a family law attorney with a blog that he and his partner write. Their most current post, “I’m going to get divorced, should I sell my home first?” offer a good primer on the considerations that should guide the decision making process when a property is involved in divorce proceeding.

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  1. Charles, you should do a weekly video podcast, featuring bearlee, squeezed and myself. It could kind of be like a McLaughlin Group type of set up, with you in John McLaughlin’s role. This would give you the opportunity to pioneer video blogging, and well as print blogging in the Portland real estate scene, cause you know Ron Ayers is gonna try this sooner or later (Ron…call me!) and you don’t want him having that feather in his cap. I don’t know about everyone else but I’d come on board pro bono the first month until the ad revenue finally started coming in.

  2. Oh sh!t, Teddy, you’d eat me alive! I’d be in tears. You are too much;O)

  3. Here’s another topic idea…”Were they right or were they wrong?”

    While ‘googling’ housing topics I came across a link to an old post (July 2005) of Charles and as I browsed through the comments I came across some doozies…

    “If real estate is overpriced, then supply will surpass demand and prices will eventually come down.”

    You’re kidding, really?

    Posted by: Tiffany Barnswell | Mar 15, 2008 5:49:43 PM

    You wanna recant Tiffany?

    I am going to keep digging…this is kind of fun.

  4. Teddy, this blogging takes too much time as it is. Also consider the image: the three of you with paper bags over your heads to maintain anonymity; it would look more like a hostage situation.

    Bearlee, isn’t Tiffany right? Why would she recant? Either I’m confused or the “no !@#$ Sherlock” part slipped by me. Either is highly possible.

  5. bearlee needs ot slow down and read more carefully:O)

  6. bearlee needs to slow down and read more carefully:O)
    bearlee missed Tiffany’s sarcasm…You’re kidding, really?

  7. Charles, bravo, nice to see you having some fun on here again.

  8. I’m thinking about doing a blog chronicling my long and arduous jounrney to the completion of my first transaction.

  9. Gonna (try) to put the breaks on Teddy the Future Realtor comments. He’s won himself his own thread which I will type out in a few minutes providing the cornbread chomping man sitting in the high chair next to me allows.

    Anybody have divorce related property sale that they are willing to discuss at least somewhat civilly?

  10. First let me post it on YouTube!

    Who wants to buy a house contaminated by a divorce? I know it sounds silly but it’s kind of like knowing that someone died in the living room…

  11. You can almost always tell when walking through a house that it is part of a divorce. Half the closet is missing. Rooms are only partially furnished. I agree with Bearlee, it affects the house. Buyers always ask why people are selling. I think if they love the house it doesn’t matter. But if they are on the edge then it can tip them over. It gives out bad vibes as you walk through.

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