Buyer Due Diligence Update II

Alpha Environmental is working on decommissioning the leaking oil tank. At last check, the hole had been dug out about four feet beneath the bottom of the tank. The top and bottom of the tank have been cut out and the walls retained to help maintain the integrity of the hole. Standing next to the dumpster, you can smell the diesel.

Western Architectural inspected the stucco and has determined that it can be repaired as needed and is not failing.

I talked to Urban Forestry about the horse chestnut street trees. Even though they have cracked the sidewalk, destroyed the sewer and, in my personal opinion, are the wrong trees for their location, they will remain. I’d happily replant with more appropriate trees given the opportunity. I couldn’t apply for a permit to take them down until we are the legal owners even with the seller’s permission. You can apply for building permits at BDS with the seller’s permission prior to taking ownership which we will do once we have the drawings complete. I will be satisfied if we can get a permit for a curb cut to create off street parking. There is evidence that there may have been a curb cut previously.

I’m going to an Earth Advantage class this morning and then meeting with them at the house to see what we can do “green” in the remodel project.

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