Portland Spaces Condo Graphic

Portland Spaces is one of our city’s newest magazines. I received a clip of the condo graphic via email a couple of days ago with no source so it took a little tracking down. Portland Spaces has graciously allowed it to be reproduced here as it appeared on page 34 of May/June issue. A little number crunching shows the average percentage of listed condos against those built in the last five years for the six cities is 37%.

Active Built 
Portland 1503 6575 23%
Seattle 3478 7961 44%
Vancouver 2330 17169 14%
Las Vegas 7560 26382 29%
Miami 25424 29054 88%
Phoenix 3904 15769 25%


One Comment on “Portland Spaces Condo Graphic

  1. The only reason I can think of for the Seattle Metro area inventory to be different is that their condos just now coming on line. It would be interesting to see what % of the Seattle new condos were completed in the last 12 months vs Portland.

    Large new condo construction is concentrated in Belleview and downtown Seattle. Seattle hasn’t done much to make their core area attractive to residents IMHO – I wonder if there is a sell-through issue.

    Hey Rain City Guide bloggers, what ‘ya say?

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