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Welcome to the Portland Real Estate Blog three ring circus. In the main ring we have Portland Real Estate. In the ring to your left have those that believe the Portland real estate market is in the tank and has 30% of value or more to give back. In the right hand ring, we have those that see Portland as a strong and growing housing market. Realtor, Charles Turner has the role of Blog Tamer. The audience is made up of all demographics with a universal interest in the Portland housing market. Some potential participants don’t participate out of fear of being mauled.

Some of the participants are getting a little agitated. The comment that Tiffany says isn’t hers was sent from a different IP address than her other comments. It is not an IP address associated with another commenter but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

I’m not having a lot of fun doing this right now. The sarcasm, impersonation, meanness and attacks need to stop. If you can’t say something with some modicum of respect, even if you disagree, don’t comment.

I reposted (and added a couple of lines) this comment from this morning as its own post to make sure that the entire readership sees it.

5 Comments on “Repost of Comment

  1. I was thinking the same dang thing last night. I feel for you. You are in a difficult spot as a realtor in a viotile market. I guess until the correction is over and we enter a more ‘normal’ market your blog is going attract all sorts.

  2. Well, you could just delete things or perhaps stick to non-controversial topics. But I think you like the controversy and I respect that you do and that you don’t delete.

    As for using identities- that happened to me on another blog and it pissed me off. Got me banned too. Problem is, I believe it was the blog owner doing it (not accusing you at all of doing that here).

    Believe it or not, at its worst, the discourse here is levels above what we’ve all seen online.

  3. It was suggested that I could delete comments but it would still mean I have the read the !@#$ before I do.

    I do like the debate that controversy creates, I don’t like that annonymity allows people to say things in ways they never would if their identites were known. I’m talking about levels of respect, not content.

    RMLS Market Action just arrived… Going to go have a look-see.

  4. My apologies Charles. I didn’t mean to push you over the edge. I have watched you and other real estate bloggers get bashed and bashed.

    I looked up Tiffany Barnswell and saw that she/he likes to provoke people on many blogs. I felt her/his questions were just poking and prodding, not helpful.

    You do a good job dealing with these guys and I doubt you are awarded much for it. I think I may have only posted once on this site and it wasn’t from this IP.

    Once again my apologies to you Charles but not to Tiffany as she/he incites more than promotes conversation in my humble opinion.

  5. Could we get the guy back that wanted to become a broker, and thought that Charles should use his commissions to throw us all a party? That was hilarious stuff.

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