G. & G.C. Sweet House

Saphhire Development LLC closed on its new project on Friday. The home is listed on the historic Registry as the G. & G.C. Sweet House and is a contributing property to the Alphabet District. I haven’t been able to find anything about the Sweets online and will hopefully have more luck at the State Historic Society or from someone who just has knowledge about the house. I’ve almost completed the application for the State Historic Preservation Office Special Assessment Program and will hopefully have that in the mail today. Tomorrow we’ll head down the the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services to apply for our building permit. The interior permit should be smooth. The exterior will require Design Review to add parking (tandem on the left side of the house to minimize curb appeal impact) and window replacement). That process has a public notification aspect so takes months.

We are working with Earth Advantage which is tomorrow’s planned post.

In the last month, we’ve had bids by our electrician, three HVAC companies, two paint strippers, a basement waterproofer, a cabinet builder, a couple of painters, one flooring company, a company that does prewiring for media systems, a window repair company, a window replacement company, an arborist, a landscaper, and have more bids to get as the process gets started. We also had the house drawn by a CAD drafter.

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