Heavy Rain in Portland Yesterday

Dsc_8533We had a very isolated storm yesterday at 2356 NW Hoyt. During the process of replacing the sewer line yesterday the backhoe nicked the waterline. There’s no fault as “Call Before You Dig” had been called and the utility lines were all marked. Turns out that the waterline is not a straight connection. They caught it four+ feet from where it was marked and the leak was running at the rate about half of what would come out of a garden hose. A City repair crew showed up and I was gone less than an hour but when I came back, the hole was full of water and the trees were dripping water from above! The hole, 11 feet at its deepest, is now filled in and ready for asphalt.

Dsc_8529 The sewer line is “burst” from the street into the basement. I’m not exactly sure how it works but the machine goes through the old sewer line busting it up as it goes and drags a new line into the basement. The plumber can then connect the new lines that are being run inside the house. In this picture you can also see the mark on the right wall where the chimney used to be and the lip of the Waterguard waterproofing along the perimeter.

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