How Personal Is Real Estate?

I flew home on Horizon Airlines University of Oregon logo-ed plane a couple of days ago. It got me to thinking. How does a Beaver fan like being trapped in a plane with the Oregon logo staring back from the wingtips. In the event of a crash, the last thing they see is the O smiling back at them. Being a Lewis and Clark graduate, the rivalry is mostly a fair weather fan thing for me. If it will help one team advance to the top of the rankings, I’m all for it. When it comes to selling real estate, does an affiliation (sports, political or otherwise) make a difference? Does a Duck think another Duck has built a better nest? Is one Beaver’s dam the best damn house on the market? I once sold a house to a die hard OSU fan where we knew the seller was a Duck (his 2004 Rose Bowl photo as a player was on the wall). We didn’t mention the connection.
Politically we could ask the same question: Obama or McCain? There are lots of yard signs out there.

This thread is mostly for fun but not totally? I’m not aware of any Realtors marketing exclusively to one specific team or political affiliation. Is there an Equal Housing Opportunity thing going on here at all? As a buyer or seller, would you choose or not choose a Realtor based on the knowledge of the agent’s support for one group over another? Would you choose one offer over another?

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  1. I choose my realtors based on their IQ, which is difficult because most of them have pretty low ones.

  2. I would not choose my Realtor based solely on sharing affiliation or alma mater. Just imagine Autzen stadium packed full of fans. 99 % of them are great for camaraderie purposes but does that mean I would like them as my partner in my real estate endeavors? Probably not. The Realtor I am currently closing with (David Somerville) has exceeded my expectations in every category. He has been impeccably honest with me, advised me when he thought we were paying too much on an offer, advised what he thought was fair, and also pointed out the good, the bad and ugly on every property. He truly has our best interests at the forefront. I don’t know who his alma mater/political affiliations are, and I don’t care to. But I do plan to have a beer with the guy after closing.

  3. Hmmmmmmm? I think the above post might have been written by David Sommerville.

    After closing are you gonna give him a foot massage and make him a sandwich too?

    “exceeded my expectations in every catagory”

    If thats not Realtor marketing speak, then I don’t know what is.

  4. Well ya gets what ya pays for. Charles’s initial post on this topic is a bit disingenuous. I mean, really, who the hell wants to be a donkey in some real estate industry focus group?

  5. Guess everything is a conspiracy theory.

  6. Interesting idea Charles. The problem is, as you pointed out, there is a Beaver for every duck. So you’ll likely turn off a buyer for every buyer you turn on. When dealing with commodities, maybe not a big deal, but when you are dealing with homes that are most valuable to a person who likes/needs the specific location, size, style, and price you don’t want to eliminate any potential customer.

    BTW – I’ve known David Somerville personally for ten years and I can tell you he doesn’t post on this blog.

  7. Conspiracy theory:

    How closely related is Mr Thrifty to Charles Turner?

  8. Ha. I sign my own name to everything I write.

  9. Your Mother? Father? Wife? Brother? Sister? Cousin? Aunt? Uncle? Neighbor? Co-worker? Grandmother? Grandfather? Best Friend?

  10. I have no idea. All I know is Mr. Thrifty is aka Teddy. Any contact that I know of has been on this blog. Pretty sure he is not a grandparent. They’re all dead.

    Didn’t I ask you to go away from this forum? Please do.

  11. Charles and I are have no affiliation at all outside of our shared affection for greenbacks and participation in this forum.

  12. I thought you asked the other haha to leave.

    Like my name, this is such a comical place. Let’s start a new round. Let me be the jester.

    So Charles, how’s real estate selling? What’s that you say, you actually have found a buyer–did the sale actually close? Silly me. I forgot you are the buyer trying to flip the properties these days. To flip a house, do you actually need to find a buyer?

    The show must go on.


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