Searching Foreclosure Properties

Foreclosure_propertiesWe’ve got a new feature on our website which, unfortunately, is a sign of the times: the ability to search by zip, city or map for properties in foreclosure.

Added 2:20PM. A property returned from the search will result in a response like this, the service is provided by Realty Trac:

This property is an REO (Real Estate Owned). This is the final step in the foreclosure process. Ownership has reverted to the lender. This 4525 square foot property has 6 bedroom(s) and 3 bath(s). The estimated sale price is $323782.

To access more extensive information on this property click the ‘more property detail’ link below. You will need to register for full access. Information listed with each property including estimated loan balance is derived from sources deemed accurate but we do not guarantee the accuracy of such information. Please consult all relevant title documents prior to purchase.

2 Comments on “Searching Foreclosure Properties

  1. way cool! Can you ensure it works w/ Firefox? There appear to be problems w/ the submit button.

  2. I am using Firefox Submit button to agent (me) works as I just tried it. I also have the registration form up from Realty Trac but have not tried to submit it.

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