Today Show on Real Estate

Matt Lauer just interviewed Barbara Corcoran, “Today Show’s real estate guru”. I was typing as I listened- I doubt the interview is online. I’ll let folks comment (or not) and then chime in later.

  1. Under-price your home 10-15% compared to the rest of the market.
  2. Get rid of clutter.
  3. Take pictures on a sunny day (she doesn’t live in Portland). Lauer adds no Photoshop to make it what it isn’t.
  4. Hire a top “killer broker.” Twenty percent of agents do 80% of the business.
  5. Pick the right town.
  6. Buy a house with character.
  7. Buy a brick or white house. Says that surveys show they are preference
  8. Buy in the middle of the price range.

4 Comments on “Today Show on Real Estate

  1. Please elaborate on #8…don’t buy at 300K or 400K but at 350K?! Or buy in the middle of MY price range, ie, affordability issue?

  2. My understanding on #8 was in the middle of the area price range, not your personal price range. They did talk about the most and least expensive houses being less desirable. It makes more sense to me if you are talking hyper-local than it does if you are talking on a city-wide basis.

    I thought #7 was interesting regarding white houses. We bought a white house but promptly painted it. The fact that it was white certainly didn’t influence the decision to purchase.

  3. So I should avoid homes below $100K and those above $800K. Gee, that will be easy to do.

  4. It’s all about #1… and few owners are doing that now especially in the area I’m watching in “close” NE despite the fact that the tide is going out.

    I still see houses listed for $600+ that sold for $500 in 2005 and $350 in 2003.

    Buyers waiting for that Alt-A’s and ARMs to go into the light.

    Also, a bit off topic I’d sign a Buyers Agent deal and pay upwards of 10% commission for every dollar difference between the MLS list and the final close.

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