House Falls Off Supports in Salem

A house that was undergoing a foundation replacement in Salem collapsed last night. The news clip in the Statesman Journal was posted at 12:07 AM last night so there are no useful pictures and the details are pretty sketchy. Please post more or I will work on it later in the day.

Update: pictures here. Last night’s news report quoted the contractor as saying there was a water issue which caused the support system to give way. There was no mention of whether living in a home that is jacked up is common practice.

KGW also has video of the collapse.

2 Comments on “House Falls Off Supports in Salem

  1. We see homes with foundation damage quite often. Some of the causes might be cracking, “a result of building on unstable ground, “fill was used to level a lot or fill in a loe area and was not compacted properly” Building in a slide area, or on a slope.

  2. The above comment may help illustrate why I keep my participation on other Realtor’s blogs close to nonexistent. Is the comment anything more than an advertisement, complete with numerour grammatical errors, looking for “Google Juice?”

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