Hoyt Progress

Steady progress over at 2356 NW Hoyt. We’re just over a month into construction. Thus far:

Pipe Repair Services burst a new sewer line and water line from the curb to the basement.

John’s Waterproofing installed the Water Guard system around the perimeter of the basement.

American Plumbing has almost finished installing the rough-in plumbing throughout the house, including the new master bathroom and main floor half bath which are now framed in.

Ed Bell & Son Paint Removal is removing the lead based paint from the fir lap siding. We still have to figure out the best method of cleaning up the original hard coat stucco.

Arbor Pro has completed the tree work. This included our misstep with (the lack of) permits to trim the street trees. After consultation with Urban Forestry our application to cut down one of the two trees was approved. The stump was ground out last week and work should start shortly cutting in a driveway to create the coveted off-street parking. We will plant a new, more appropriate street trees in the fall from the list of approved trees.

Ron Beck is installing the HVAC system for the second floor (bedrooms) and attic. There will be a natural gas furnace (92%) in the attic with an AC unit (14 SEER). Portland Green Heat will be upgrading the oil furnace and installing an above ground tank for the basement and first floor heat. The new owners will be able to use up to B99 Biodiesel in that furnace. The use of two furnaces also minimizes, and almost eliminates, any softfits which are very undesirable in historic homes.

We are still working with the State Historic Preservation Office on our application for the Special Assessment program. We’re not in complete agreement regarding windows.

I am managing member of Sapphire Development LLC (CCB #176425). You can use the Oregon CCB website to look up the license status and history of all the contractors listed here.

2 Comments on “Hoyt Progress

  1. I purchased the Abstract Title from the house at 2356 NW Hoyt at the estate sale. I just thought it was cool but I don’t really need it anymore and I see perhaps you might want it. I listed it on ebay (auction # 220258728350). If not no worries. Some other Portland history geek will probably buy it. The house is AMAZING!!! I do historic lighting and hardware so it was a property that really excited me. Good luck with the project!

  2. Ebay item:

    I went to an estate sale in an AMAZING house at located in Portland’s “Alphabet District” (2356 NW Hoyt). They were selling the original Abstract Title!!! Great piece of Portland History especially as it relates to that whole area. Some fun maps and info!!! In the past I’ve tried to see if the new owners are interested in buying some of these treasures but sadly this house was purchased by a development group so I’m not sure how interested they’d be. I’ll probably still let them know about it.

    I’m flattered that we are a “development group.” Sounds very lucrative and high falutin’ (in any market). How many home-buyer’s go through putting a house on the State Historic Preservation Office’s Special Assessment Program (SHPO)? Very few but we are. Also note that our personal residence is 1902 historic registry home that we added to the Assessment Program and restored. “Sadly” might be a skewed view of reality if your passion is old homes.

    I bought the house & you bought the title. Who got more hard-to-find-house-parts out of it? If I buy the title, I’ll keep it with the property.

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