I-5 Portland/Vancouver Bridge and Real Estate

Disclaimer: my knowledge of the politics and the pros and cons of a new bridge over the Columbia River is limited to the couple of newscast that I have seen in the last couple of days. Last night, Portland’s City Council after much public debate, approved the bridge with a four page letter attached. It is not the last hurdle for a new bridge but a significant step.

My question is how a new bridge impacts the area? Does Vancouver real estate become more appealing with “better” access to Portland (one study showed increased commute times into Portland with a new bridge)? Does the Interstate I5 corridor real estate market get better with added people making the trip along I5 or get hurt as people who once viewed the area a the sweet spot for price versus commute are now willing to make the trek into Washington?

To reiterate, there are people with much more information and passions about the topic so I hope you will discuss it here.

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  1. Keep in mind that in almost any scenario a new or “renovated” bridge will be tolled at least during peak commuting times. This can’t bode well for Vancouver real estate.

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