Misnamed (?) Portland History?

Abstract_titleSteady progress on our 2356 NW Hoyt property. The driveway was cut in last week down the side of the house. We thought there may have been a driveway there in the past; the curb had been patched along where the curb cut would have been. It wasn’t confirmed but made even more plausible since the dirt dug out was fill.

I bought the Abstract Title report to the property on EBAY (photo of title by seller). This was the item description:

I went to an estate sale in an AMAZING house at located in Portland’s “Alphabet District” (2356 NW Hoyt). They were selling the original Abstract Title!!! Great piece of Portland History especially as it relates to that whole area. Some fun maps and info!!! In the past I’ve tried to see if the new owners are interested in buying some of these treasures but sadly this house was purchased by a development group so I’m not sure how interested they’d be. I’ll probably still let them know about it.

I was the only bidder.

The house is the G. and G.C. Sweet House, as it is recorded in the Alphabet District, may be misnamed. The April 3, 1906 Warranty Deed is between “The King Estate, a corporation, by N.A. King. Same by Richard W. Montague, Secretary. To Elnathan Sweet.” Then on August 4, 1906 a new Warranty Deed is issued between “Elnathan Sweet, and Genevieve Chapman Sweet, his wife -to- Robert F. Hall.”

It looks like there is some more research to be done here. If anybody has any insight or pictures of 2356 NW Hoyt, we’d love to see them.

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  1. That’s really cool…

    I’ve never seen a title that old before.


  2. My husband has one for his parent’s former home, on NE 29th near Grant High School. It was used to convey the property from the first owner to them in the mid 1930s. He considered donating it to the Oregon Historical Society.

  3. Funny you mention the Oregon Historical Society, Perplexed, I contacted OHS yesterday to inquire about donating it to them. My message has been forwarded to the appropriate person and I am awaiting a reply.

  4. Elnathan Sweet married Genevieve Chapman. They had three children. My father-in-law was the son of Elnathan and Genevieve. His name was King Sweet. King had two other siblings. I have a chair that Elnathan made when he was young. I also own a Cocoa Pot that King Sweet was served cocoa as a child. King was born in the house 2356 NW Hoyt St. Elnathan was born in NY 1874. Genevieve’s parents lived in this beautiful historic house with the Sweets. I always wondered who King was named after. I am now thinking he was named after the Kings Estate. I am wondering if the Chapman grade school was named after Genevieve’s father. Love family history. Kathy

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