When Your House has a Name

Realtor Beige, the paint preferred by Realtors nationwide. Walk into any paint store and they’ll know what you want but they won’t have a paint by that name. Neutral is good. Many remodels, cosmetic or otherwise are a matter of personal choice that you might plan to live with for years. No problem. Su casa isn’t mi casa. But when it comes time to sell, what will the buyer’s reaction be? Will your house be referred to as 123 Main St. or something else?

Our buyer’s have named houses:

    • Big Pink- not the US Bank Building


    • The Man House- a urinal in the master sticks out in a single woman’s mind


    • The Ranch- a SE Old PDX misnamed in RMLS (probably not the seller’s fault)


    • The Cat Pee House- self explanatory


With the exception of the last house, they’re really not derogatory towards the property it’s just how the buyers separate lots of houses in their minds. Food for thought more than anything else.

3 Comments on “When Your House has a Name

  1. Baby Poop, our neighbor old neighbor 1 block down! But now that we have experienced baby poop I would just call it poop, maybe doggy poop.

  2. I’ve started to cringe when I read ads that boast “Devine paint.” I know that means a house the will likely need repainting because I don’t really like the colors, no matter how nice they are. We recently passed on a house that was lovely, but the drawback was the owner had painted it with lots of dark dramatic colors. I calculated the cost of repainting the two story cathedral ceilings and decided I didn’t want to absorb that cost. Please sellers, give us neutral colors!

  3. When we were looking a year ago: Grandpa’s House, Grandma’s House, Frat House (had been a college rental), and The Bee House (had bee hives), and The Shady Rest.

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