Two Days of Oregonian Real Estate

Yesterday’s Oregonian business section was laying folded on the office coffee table this morning. Top story: “Boom builder faces home foreclosures.” It wasn’t until I got home and read the headline on the other side, “Bailout inevitable for giant mortgage firms, experts say.” We’ll come back to these; maybe not today.

This morning’s How We Live section has story on bicycling and real estate. I’m not seeing the story online yet but will update with a link when it appears (or feel free to comment with it). The timing is impeccable. The Oregonian may have scooped an upcoming AP story. I was interviewed on Monday for a story that is being written out of Seattle. I think the impetus for my interview was probably the third comment in this post, which as it states, is “just for fun.”

For me, my bike is for fun; exercise and recreation. I’m planning on riding the Peach Century out of Salem at the end of September and have done most of the organized rides around town, including Seattle to Portland, at one time or an other. I did the Boston to NY AIDS ride in 2000. But my bike is not a part of my business model. I’ll do what I can when there is no client involved (deliver fliers, etc) but I’m not a good bike commuter. I want to get from point A to point B as fast as I can and when I get there, I’m going to be huffing and puffing and sweaty, not the presentation I want. Nor does it help that we live at the base of Cornell Rd. which is roughly four miles uphill to Skyline BLVD and our office is on the other side. It might be time to do a revisit of this post, a bicycle tour of new construction written in 2005! How things have changed!

For fellow Prudential agent, Kirsten Kaufman, whom I have not met, has made the bike a part of her niche. She’s organized three Tour de Homes around the NE Alberta area where she’s taken a groups of around a half dozen to tour homes. That’s great. She’s making something work that the majority, aren’t even trying.

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  1. Considering some area’s of the country are almost 40% off their 2005 highs, the people that did bike tours of available properties then now bike out of necessity, because they had to sell both vehicles seeing their well….175K lighter than they were then.

    You spelled Kirsten Kaufman’s name wrong, both of them.

    Just for the record, I think Fannie at least has the capitalization to roll those bonds over at the end of the quarter and soldier on. Barron’s is just sooooooo wrong here, and the guy from Treasury who acted as a source for that piece last weekend should be spanked and fired. So buy 20 shares on Monday and and have a free three day weekend at the beach next summer on me. FNM trades over 30 by Christmas.

  2. Oh and my Case-Shiller prediction……0.8% rise, and here I’ll spell it out this time, month over month rise.

  3. “FNM trades over 30 by Christmas.”

    i think 30 cents is a little high.

  4. Freddie pumped out 2 billion in bonds like it was nothing the other day. Even the media buzzards are starting to back track. Want some mayo for your crow?

  5. The AP story on Bicycle Realtors came out today. Whitney Malkin’s
    story does a great job of making me look anti-bike using one sentence from our ten minute conversation.

    “Anything client-involved should exclude a bicycle,” said Portland real estate agent Charles Turner. “If you’re meeting someone on location, you’re not exactly business-presentable when you show up dripping with sweat.”

    Not untrue but unfair with no context. Oh well.

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