Big Look Task Force Town Hall Comes To Portland

Mr. Thrifty posted this comment to a previous post at 6:16 PM on September 18th (today). I moved it, unedited, here as it is a topic unto itself:

On Thursday, September 18, 2008 the Big Look Task Force will meet at: University of Portland 5000 N. Willamette Blvd. Portland, OR 97203 They will be getting input on critical Oregon land use planning decisions. Realtors will be there in force to try to provide additional pressure to open up farm and forrest land to rampant overdevelopement. They are also rallying against the task force incorporating anything regarding climate change into their thinking. They want anything dealing with climate change to be handled by the legislature where their lobbying dollars can buy them the strongest voice. Please join me there on the 18th to provide resistance against this ruthless and uncaring lobby who’s only interest is in exploiting Oregons precious farm and forrest land for profit.

The Big Look Task Force report is a 46 page PDF. I have not looked it over yet.

This is OAR’s position, as emailed to me:

1. “One size does not fit all” — there must be increased flexibility in our land use system that accounts for the regional differences throughout the state and allows for greater local determination of the specific needs of a community and/or region.

2. Standing — there must be clear parameters for who has standing to appeal a land use decision. Only those directly impacted by a land use decision should have standing to challenge. In addition, there must be a reduction in the number of allowable appeals if land is already zoned for increased density or a particular purpose.

3. Climate change — climate change is best addressed by the Oregon Global Warming Commission. The Big Look Task Force was given specific instruction by the legislature to examine our land use laws, and delving into the political quagmire of climate change would be counterproductive at best.

4. Accurate identification of resource lands — modern technology allows for a much more accurate determination of what constitutes “high value” farmland, and the antiquated soil classification system has resulted in “farm land” with zero to little growing potential to remain off limits to development.

5. Economic Development — there must be a higher value placed on employment lands. While the land use system was designed to protect farm and forest, the primary economic drivers in Oregon when SB 100 was enacted, the economy is far more diverse today. Our current land use system does not reflect or embrace this diversity.


I don’t have a platform on this as I have not educated myself on it yet.

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  1. I thought there would be some comments about the Big Look Task Force or a
    review of last nights meeting from someone that was there.  Nothing. 
    So I went to trusty Google and entered "Big Look Task Force Portland."  The
    first result?  This post.  The second result (number one when Portland
    is removed from the search string), The
    Big Look Task Force website
    .  I’m not finding any reviews of the town
    hall meetings.

    These are the remaining Big Look Task Force meetings:

    Tuesday, September 23
    Klamath Falls

    Courthouse Basement
    Community Meeting Room
    316 Main St.
    Klamath Falls

    Wednesday, September 24


    Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater
    23 South Central,

    Thursday, September 25

    Coos Bay/ North Bend

    South Slough Interpretive Center Auditorium
    61907 Seven Devils Rd.

    Friday, September 26


    Lane Community College
    Center for Meeting and Learning
    Rooms 102-104
    4000 E. 30th Ave.

    Monday, September 29

    The Dalles

    Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
    Murdock Theatre
    5000 Discovery Dr.
    The Dalles

    Tuesday, September 30

    La Grande

    Eastern Oregon University
    Hoke Room 309
    1 University Blvd.

    Wednesday, October 1


    Burns Armory
    619 S. Fairview St.,

    Thursday, October 2


    Bend Armory
    875 SW Simpson Ave.,

  2. Quick commment on the second OAR talking point. The OAR, and I’m sure PMAR, would love to remove non profits and environmental groups from the discussion when it comes to appealing land use decisions. The way they would have it framed would leave pretty much only neighbors with adjoining property to complain. The thinking being that these folks would have far less information, time, patience, and money to fight back against what was going on. They would also be lost in a maze of zoning and regulation madness that they would have no chance of fully understanding unless they became full time beaurocrats. I believe the OAR wants to take the fight only to those weaker than they are who can be bullied and outspent until the desired outcome is acheived.

    People love living in Portland and the surrounding area’s beacause of our strict land use policies and urban growth boundry, not in spite of it. Developers and Realtors want to be involved in land use descisions for one reason only, to increase their profit. It’s like the fox giving input on hen house security measures. These talking points should have been titled “How To Dismantle Everything Will Prevent Portland From Becoming Los Angeles”.

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