Guest “post”. Rent Versus Buy Calculator

J0399557Credit where credit is due: pdxrealestateoutsider gets all the credit for this. He created the calculator and gave me permission to talk about it here.
This is the link to his rent versus buy calculator. J0303967_3His complete post is here. It goes over all of his assumptions in building the calculator and is important to read.

The image is a graphical version of his findings:

Over 5 years, we would need to see 4% annual home prices appreciation to be better off buying vs. renting. If the market stays flat we will be $65k better off by renting over the next 5 years.


Thanks again to pdxrealestateoutsider for the calculator. I think this is going to be an ongoing project for him so we are bound to see newer versions in the future.

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  1. There is a significant factor that is missing from this calculator. It does not consider at all the tax implications for both renters and owners.

    The tax system heavily favors the home buyer. The home buyer is able to *deduct* mortgage interest while the renter has to *pay* tax on the interest they gained from investing their down payment savings.

    The tool needs to include effective tax rates for both federal and state.

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