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I’m sitting here watching the 5PM news. KGW is running a series this week on the Your Money blog. Monday night was about retirement, Tuesday, tonight, is Investment Tips, and Wednesday night is “real estate advice from the experts.” There’s no link for it yet but it should be the latest post the Your Money blog in the early afternoon.

I’m not the “Charles” that asks a question on the Retirement page and I am not tomorrow’s expert. If anyone at KGW reads this forum, it’s a great idea but really hard to read as there is no separation between the question and the answer. Either one in italics, bold or a color would make it much easier to follow.

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  1. On KGW now:

    Survival Guide Wednesday: Your housing questions
    4:25 PM Wed, Oct 01, 2008 | Permalink
    Frank Mungeam

    Mary Low of Iron Gate Realty Group answers your housing market and real estate questions from 5-7 pm and 10-11:30 pm Wednesday.

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