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BankrategraphGraph pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy the sun.Portland Real Estate Blog

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  1. For a minute there I thought that was the interest in 8549 NW Ryan. Then I thought it might be the price, so I checked. It’s down to $649,000. How much did that walker lose?

    I really have a hard time wondering what is going on here. Back in April there were all kinds of charts and graphs, critiques of photos and fliers, and so on.

    Yes, I have been keeping score. The asking price is off over 7%, or $50,000 off the “proper price.” By the way we are far over the time that it should have been sold. If you ever wonder why I have a distrust of REALTORS, maybe you should review this whole situation.

    What is the problem?

    Charles I how you can restore some faith and trust here.

  2. 1) I was wrong. Both on selling price and days on market. Not trying to hide that fact.
    2) I don’t control the market.
    3) I don’t control buyers or sellers. They do have their own brains though your comment implies that they don’t. Anybody that enters the real estate market not realizing that markets go up and down is not going to be saved by a Realtor or anyone else.
    4) I don’t do dual agency. I’m not trying to hoodwink someone into buying it by being unfaithful or distrustful. You might have an argument if I was double-siding the transaction but I’m not. They buyer will not be represented by me or another Turner Realtors Team member.
    5) We’ve already established that discussing an active listing was a mistake. It didn’t have to be but the way it was treated by some (okay, one) in this forum was disappointing.
    6) I think its a great house that hasn’t sold.
    7) haha 1 – Charles 0
    8) Nothing sucks more than a sore winner.

  3. Nothing sucks more than a sore winner, especially all those years that all those people suggested real estate only goes up in Portland–the salt didn’t help, and my sores are still healing. I’ll back off from the topic now. I only ask that you indeed give us that one last update, as you said you would.

  4. They can drop rates to zero and it won’t rescue this moribund market.

    That would be the fabulous real estate market that is going to cause The Great Depression circa 2009. So far we’ve seen:

    The failure of Bear Stearns
    The failure of Leman Brothers
    The failure of Fannie Mae
    The failure of Freddie Mac
    Tha failure of Indymac
    The soon-to-be failure of Merrill Lynch
    The soon-to-be failure of Washington Mutual
    The soon-to-be failure of AIG
    and countless other financial institution failures.

    I do hope those in the real estate industry saved some of that ill-gotten money they made over the last decade. They’re going to need it. We’re all going to need it if it’s even worth anything in the future anyway.

    Yes, do enjoy the sun. It might be the only thing we get to enjoy in the near future. Living in tents outside will make it easier to do so.

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