Below Freezing Real Estate

We had to cancel five of our six open houses yesterday.  Driving to them didn’t seem like a good idea.  I held NW Hoyt open though since I can walk there and had much more traffic than I would have expected; both walkers and those that had driven down to NW 23rd for some weekend shopping.

Last week I wrote about winterizing and hose bib covers- I installed 12 at the various properties that we are responsible for.  What I never considered was the condensate line on the high efficiency furnace.  It is the copper line sticking out of the wall next to the vent.  It was cold in the house when we got up this morning.  The thermostat was totally blank.  Jacobs  Heating had me disconnect the hose from the pump and run it into a five gallon bucket. I flipped the breaker off before doing it as I could hear something running.  Flipped the breaker back on and the whole thing fired up.

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  1. I’m not sure what Seriously is asking above but we are hanging in there.

    I should note here that it takes less than 48 hours to fill a five gallon bucket from the condensate pump on our furnace. It had just started to overflow when I went down there this morning…

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