Carbon Dioxide in Your Home Follow-Up

Yesterday I wrote about the tragic death of a family dying in a $9M home in Aspen that they had bought at charity auction.  The post listed carbon monoxide detectors sold online.  We went to Costco last night and paid $29.99 for the one we bought.  The graphic below is a scan of a portion of the packaging.  It suggests locations for smoke detectors, the carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguishers.  We have 16 smoke detectors in the house!  One for each of the bedrooms, one in a storage room and one on each of four floors all wired together for City code.  We have an additional four (one on each floor) wired to the security system.  There’s fire extinguisher on each floor and a window ladder on both the attic and second floor.

The recommendation says that I should have at least four CO2 detectors (one on each floor).  “For additional safety,” there should be an additional one in each bedroom.  I placed the one we bought in the hallway between our bedroom and the nursery.


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