Happy Birthday Portland Real Estate Blog

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing this forum for four years now.  When I started writing the blog in January of 2005, the Case Shiller Index for Portland was 135.46.  It peaked in July 2007 at 186.51.  With the exception of two reporting periods, the Index has dropped every month since the peak.  Today’s October 2008 Case Shiller reporting numbers for Portland put the index at 166.44; the same level as January 2006 (165.33); down 10.8% from the peak.

I’ve written 561 posts.  There have been over 3500 comments.  More than 240,000 pages have been viewed.  A Google search for “Portland Real Estate” has, at one time or another resulted in the blog as the number one result or not at all.  Today it is returned as the eighth result and the highest ranking blog for the search.

The blog has introduced us to some great clients, some fair criticism, some not so fair anonymous attacks and has taught us a thing or two along the way.  We’re all a year older and more experienced for it.  Tomorrow concludes 2008.  There were drastic changes in the market but we  take the good with the bad and continue to help our clients buy and sell houses.  The fundamentals remain the same but what worked in 2006 might not work in 2009 just like what worked in 1999 may have been outdated by 2002.

Happy New Years.  Go Ducks & Go Beavers in their respective bowl games and as always, go Blazers.

2 Comments on “Happy Birthday Portland Real Estate Blog

  1. I often stop in to your blog to grab ideas for my own blog in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    I just read your birthday notice and thought I’d pop out of anonymity and congratulate you on a great blog…

    Happy 4th birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Charles. Four years is a HUGE accomplishment. I’ve just hit my one year anniversary in January. Blogging can be incredibly time consuming, but a lot of fun. Congrats!
    To a prosperous new year!
    Felipe Crook
    Prudential Americana Group
    Las Vegas Nevada

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