KOIN News 6 Covers NW Hoyt Restoration Project

Mike Donahue from KOIN News 6 was out at our NW Hoyt project yesterday to witness Earth Advantage’s physical air loss test for their a new pilot program which is supported by the Energy Trust. We never expected to be perfect. The historic single pane windows don’t help efficiency but are an important feature of the house. We’re very happy that the 102 year old Robert F. Hall House is more efficient than some new construction!End

3 Comments on “KOIN News 6 Covers NW Hoyt Restoration Project

  1. Very nice Charles. Unlike most new million dollar homes that I can’t afford, I look forward to sharing the beauty of this home with the owner every time I walk or drive past it.

  2. Does that Ron Ares post sound a little bitter or is it just me?

    Hey kids, I’ve got two great real estate domain names for sale!


    Charles, do you know of anyone who might be interested?

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