Portland Snow Day Reflections

I just walked over to Zupan’s and back to get the ingredients for French Onion soup.  In the last 24 hours I’ve come to the conclusion that people are much friendlier in this frigid weather. Yesterday as I trudged down 24th a guy rolled down his window and asked if I wanted a ride!  I’ve made that walk 100s of times and I bet that was the first and only time that will happen.

  • Standing at the intersection of NW Westover, 24th, 24th Place and NW Flanders there was not a car to be seen in any direction.  I bet that was the first and only time that will happen.
  • Chains are mandatory in the Metro area.  Less than 50% of the cars that drove past me had chains.  Duely impressed with the two cars in Zupan’s parking lot with chains on all four wheels.
  • A high efficency gas furnace produces between four and five gallons of water in a 24 hour period. In retrospect, it is probably great that it is pumping into a bucket rather than into our driveway (the copper pipe exiting the house is frozen solid).
  • There is white, yellow and red snow between here and Zupan’s!  We’ve seen sledders, skiers, snow boarders and mountain bikers.
  • The bamboo didn’t sign up for this.  Usually standing taller than the fence, the weight of the ice and snow on it had nearly bent over double.  The artichoke looks pretty pissed off too.
  • An early Christmas present for a toddler is well worth ruining the “surprise” for Thursday.

The stove beckons.  Keep warm.

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