Realtor Busted by Electronic Calling Card

According to Hillsboro police, a Realtor was arrested last week after using his ActiveKey to gain access to homes listed for sale.  One seller came home to find the Realtor in his living room having a cocktail!

The ActiveKey is a coded cellular device issued to each Realtor (for a fee).  By entering a personal code, the lockbox will open.  It immediately sends out a message that the lockbox has been opened notifying the listing agent of the time and person opening the box.  There are pretty heavy fines for “loaning” your key out and it would almost surely cost the Realtor his/her license too.

In this case, it appears that they system did exactly what it should.  There is some question as to whether the individual should have passed the background check in the first place.  It didn’t take much effort to track where he had been.  Unlike what the picture suggests, one Realtor won’t be feeling the freedom.

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