Times Have Changed

Three years ago signs like this advertising furniture stores and the like didn’t make us think twice.  They weren’t always true (a few of the stores in Sausalito have been going out of business since I was first there 30 years ago) but this is real.  Newhomesale.org is the website dedicated to liquidation of Legend Homes and Pacific Lifestyle Homes.  Though the site has homes all around the Portland metro area but none of them are actually in the city of Portland.  There are listings in Salem and Corvallis as well.

There are 110 properties listed on the site, some show that they are “sold.”  Prices range from $174,900 to $599,900 (beware that if you sort by price it sorts that page, not the entire search results).  The one house I selected on the site is also listed in RMLS at the same price (has been reduced 13% since it was first listed).


3 Comments on “Times Have Changed

  1. It is a sad state when so called “high-end” builders are using liquidation techniques to sell homes. When I moved to the Portland area six years ago I looked very carefully at the local builders. I ended up going with Renaissance Homes. At this point I feel I made a good decision. Best of luck to the local building market. I know times are tough.

  2. “At this point I feel I made a good decision.”

    That sounded convincing.

  3. I have been seeing these commercials on TV alot. I think Phil brings up a good point that so called “luxury builders” are resorting to this. Glad to see a few staying away from this technique

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