Announcing www.PDXBuyers.com

Regular readers have probably noticed fewer posts here over the last month.  I haven’t been idle but have been building a new website.  www.PDXBuyers.com is our newest site.  It has a couple of features that I believe are unique to our site (at least for now).

The first feature is the introduction of Market Tracker information for each zip code in Portland available online.  The graphs are the same ones used in the report that you can have delivered to your inbox each month.   The four graphs break down zip codes by average sales price, number of units sold across price ranges, rate of appreciation across price ranges and price per square foot.  Each graph will be updated during the first week of the month to reflect the previous month’s activity.

The Market Tracker graphs are also tied to a property search for each zip code.  We’ve defined the search as residential property but you can easily modify the search, save it and set it to email properties that meet your specific requirements.

We’ve created an “Ask the Experts” page as well.  We currently have industry experts in the insurance, mortgage and home inspection industries explaining what their role in the real estate transaction is.

As with everything, there is still more to do and you’ll see some changes in the coming weeks but that should be mostly cosmetic.  This blog will also be getting a face lift in short order.

Try to get out and enjoy the sun.

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  1. Your market seems to be one of the intermediate type. It didn’t go up like Southern California, Florida, Arizona and Nevada. Therefore, it is coming down modestly on light volume. That is the profile for the markets which did not get overly done. I suppose your market in the last run from 2002 to 2006 or so went up about 50%-80% approximately. That would fill the bill; the intermediate, rarely went over 100% change in the period. Your market will get a saucer bottom and slowly recover. That is my intermediate profile.

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