If Houses Could Talk

“Where’s it hurt?  What Happened?”  Our toddler is barely talking but he can point to what hurts and how it happened.  The last couple of days I’ve shown some houses and that small bit of communication would go a long way.  As a commodity, it doesn’t matter why the seller is selling a house but human nature wants to know the answer.  That’s proven that some states (not Oregon) require disclosure of events that do not have any impact on the physical condition of the property.

The last few days of showing property left us asking these questions: What motivated them to spray paint the bathtub construction orange?  Why was the open suitcase of children’s toys left open and behind in the center of the bedroom and the halmarked Sterling silver salad servers left amung the debris on the kitchen counter?  Were they trying to burn the house down by leaving the iron face down on the floor or was it an accident that was caught right before the flames started (burned all the way through the laminate floor into the subfloor)?

Regardless of the actual answer or the path to get there, the result is sad and tragic.

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