Real Estate Takes Over Oregonian Business Section

There are three or four real estate related articles on the cover of today’s Oregonian business section depending on how you count them.

  1. Ryan Frank (of Front Porch fame) reports that JLS Homes is liquidating homes to avoid bankruptcy.  The potential sale of 70 homes, most of them at a loss, may allow them to start building again.
  2. Umpqua bank is feeling the pain of the economy but not as much as some of its competition, in part  because, “Umpqua had less exposure to residential development that some other Northwest banks, nearly all of which had jumped enthusiastically into the housing sector boom.”
  3. The owners of Pioneer Place have filed for Chapter 11.  General Growth Properties has at least part ownership of a large list of malls in the state and throughout the country.
  4. The feature story on the page is Secret Recipe: the Three Day Kitchen. Forty percent of all construction spending is spent on remodels.  The 3-Day Kitchen and Bath franchise put the interviewed home owner up at the Holiday Inn while they worked long days to complete the job.
  5. For those of you in Eugune, there’s a foreclosure bus just for you.  The comments are delveloping into a pro/anti Realtor debate (Realtor is capitolized because it is a copyrighted name and really should be Realtor©).  Buy four articles, get the fifth for free (found the link to this while looking up the others on Oregonlive).

Go Blazers!

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