Building Burns While Residents Watch From Balcony

Wyatt fire truckThe fire alarms went off in the Wyatt last night at about 6:30.  A pleasant voice states, “a fire has been detected on your floor.  Please  evacuate the building by the stairs; do not use the elevators.”  We packed up the toddler, dog and dinner guest and headed out into a smokey hallway and down 15 flights to street level.  Three things become apparent:

  1. there is no smoke billowing from the building
  2. there is only one fire truck (Lovejoy’s fire merited 7)
  3. there are a whole bunch of our fellow residents watching from their balconies

Sailing in the ocean, we have a “ditch bag” with the things that cannot or should not be lost in the event we end up in the life raft.  We didn’t leave the condo with any such thing, Jenny didn’t even put shoes on.  Hiking down the stairs I started thinking about a theortical ditch bag for real estate.

Most of our important documents are in the safe deposit box at Wells Fargo but some of the most recently used documents are locked up here.  Nothing irreplacble but not easy.  I didn’t pick up my camera (iPhone used for one above).  Most of our pictures are digital but most are not stored online.  They are backed up but most of the backups are here.  Both laptops remained in the condo.  We had keys to one of two cars (but since both are parked in the basement it might not have been useful).

Ultimately if the building had burned to the ground and we were standing out there in boxer shorts it wouldn’t matter if everyone was safe but it does give one pause to consider certain things and exit routes.  We had no way of knowing if it was serious our not from our vantage point so had to assume it was.

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  1. I learned this afternoon that the evacuation was not for all floors. The system identifies which floors have smoke and the others are not disturbed. It seems like the middle floors were unaffected.

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