Moody’s Not Singing the Blues For Oregon

The graphic above is a snapshot of an interactive graphic in this article at MSNBC.

The article begins:

If you want to be in the right place when the recovery starts, that place may be in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Texas or Washington.

The recession didn’t start at the same time in every state, and it won’t end at the same time either. A new forecast from Moody’s Economy.com predicts that jobs growth will return first in those five states, starting in the last quarter of this year. Four of those states benefit from strong high-tech industries, and the fifth, Texas, has a strong base of energy industries.

It’s just one positive article in a sea of bad ones of late for Oregon and the general “Economy in Crisis” but perhaps a sign that things will start to improve sooner rather than later.  Interest rates have creeped up (along with gas prices) lately.  Portland has a lot of things going for it which is why we choose to live here (a few recent highlights):

  • Pink Martini playing with the the Oregon Symphony (Thomas Lauderdale talked during the show of buying/being local).  Pink Martini will be playing all over the state in August as part of the Oregon 150 celebrations.
  • A Blazer team that has returned to both public favor and the playoffs.
  • A three weekend waterfront Rose Festival with no major rain predicted.

And to acknowledge that it is not all rosey:

  • Controversy over a Lents (Willamette Week article about Lents which is a great read) or Memorial Coliseum home for the Beavers.
  • A mayor under fire for various reasons.
  • 500 layoffs at Nike which included some of our friends.

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