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2007 dual agency poll resultsMy title statement of this post may or may not be true.  We’re always looking for clients both through referrals and other sources of business but there’s a chance that you don’t want to work with me (or another member of the team) and vice versa.

Sunday’s Oregonian featured real estate story is all about selecting a Realtor. Having spoken against dual agency early and often in the past, the article made me smile.  Especially this quote which was also the second page headline:

“Sometimes you see dual agencies that represent both sides.  But that’s like a husband and wife hiring the same attorney for a divorce,” [Michele Gila, principal broker for Roots Realty said.]

I’ve also advocated clients using more of an interview process when selecting a Realtor but in many ways the initial contact and what the Realtor does or doesn’t do is self-selecting.  If your Realtor is a referral there is some inherent relationship already but if not, the interview is even more important for both the client and Realtor.

Melvin Broadous, a Realtor with RE/MAX Equity Group in Beaverton:

“If you find a Realtor you think you want to work with, take them on a ‘date,’ ” he said. “Go to Starbucks or to lunch and talk about whatever. Find common ground.

“If you don’t connect with a person intellectually, emotionally, from a relationship standpoint, then working with them professionally will be difficult,” he said. “It doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes. You’ll know.”

More on referrals: our goal in a transaction isn’t to simply get it closed and move onto the next transaction.  Our goal is to gain a client for the long-term that will refer us to their friends and family.  That doesn’t necessarily mean getting that first transaction closed.  We’ve advised, “run away” more than once!  Eventually a willing and able buyer will eventually buy but it may not be this week or this year.

The poll results above ran in 2007 as a part of this post.

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  1. Thanks for posting my quote on your blog. I wanted to let you know that they misspelled what I said so it might not make sense. It was supposed to be ‘dual-agency’, not the plural version they published. As in One Realtor working for both buyer and seller. I hope it makes better sense now! And I’m glad to virtually meet another Realtor who thinks Dual-Agency is not in anyone’s best interest.

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