Curb Appeal: Paint the Grass?

dsc_5210Which side has been watered?  Neither.  Which side has been Photoshopped?  Neither.  Which side has been painted?  The one on the left.

I didn’t get down and roll on it but it does look pretty close to healthy grass even up close.  From a distance it certainly adds to the curb appeal.  It’s the first time I’ve seen the product so time will tell how long it lasts.  I’ll post more pictures in the future.  If the grass is green, does it matter if it got that way with water or paint?End

9 Comments on “Curb Appeal: Paint the Grass?

  1. That’s pretty slick….. I hope it’s eco-friendly paint or the green police could issue a citation for ‘going green’ 🙂

  2. For more information about Grass Painting, check out this article.

  3. I tend to shy away from others advertising here so if the discount code does not work, let me know and we will remove the previous reply.

  4. I have to agree on where to buy the grass paint. Except the Grass Patch sells a concentrate as well and is much better. I as well have been painting lawns for the last five years and speclawn is not the answer. Go with the http://www.naturalgreengrasspatch.com like he talks about up top and you will be fine. Also, this Elaina Wicks that posted is just trying to advertise her business, as I think she owns a grass painting company.

  5. It’s a hard topic to moderate as I am not an expert in painting lawns. Elaina probably has a grass paint business but she is blogging- I have a real estate business and am blogging…

  6. Well, obviously…Don. I have a business and am also a freelance writer. Why wouldn’t I put valid information in an online article to educate the public about grass painting??

  7. OK, I own my own weed control/fertilization company and might want to experiment with lawn painting on drought stressed lawns but am curious as to the drawbacks.

    Does painting harm the lawn? My gut feeling is that it will reduce sunlight exposure, necessary for the lawn to make chlorophyll, for one. Then again, in drought situations, it may reduce evaporation. Any thoughts on this?

  8. I haven’t used but I think once watered the grass comes back to life pretty quickly.

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