DEQ Oil Tank Lookup

harrison-oil-tankEven in the world of “seller to make no repairs” oil tanks are something that we’ve even seen banks take care of prior to closing when revealed during the inspection period.  PortlandMaps has always been the first place to begin the investigation as to whether or not a property has a below ground oil tank (note that just because there is no record online doesn’t mean there is no tank).  Click on “historic permits” for the given property and scroll down.  The picture is of the 1952 permit for one of our properties.

Knowing that there was a tank there begs the question as to whether or not it is still there?  Next stop on our search is the DEQ website HOT (Heating Oil Tank) lookup. By inserting the property address there and scrolling all the way down to the bottom on the subject property we find the DEQ closure letter showing the tank has been decommissioned (by a previous owner in this case).

If there had been no record, the next step would be a tank locate and then soil samples performed by an inspector.  Which may result in a cleanup looking something like this:


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