Heat Rises for Portland Real Estate

portland-106-degreesIt was warm yesterday.  I showed property from 4-6PM to an out-of-town buyer.  The temperature never dropped below 104 according to my car.  One of the six houses had built-in air conditioning.  One of the others had a window unit (that was not mentioned in the listing).  A couple were totally shut up and another had been completely opened up.  None of the five without AC were listed as “AC Ready.”  I can’t find anything that is a primer in determining whether a system is AC ready.  I do know that you have to have sufficient electricity available, space to put the compressor outside and a furnace and thermostat capable of handling the extra equipment required.

The top two houses did not have any AC.  Interestingly, we probably lingered in the hottest houses longest because the heat slowed us down.

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