Miscellaneous Monday Morning Portland Real Estate

One of the best views of downtown Portland is from the I-5 Marquam Bridge.  At this time of year the setting sun highlights the city, reminding us of why we live here.  Last night I got reminded three times as I drove our toddler on laps around the I-5/405 loop in an failed attempt to getting him fall asleep.  Each lap around the core of our city is 6.2 miles.  To put that in perspective:

  • The 2009  Tour de France was  2174 miles- 351 laps around Portland
  • The US Bank Building is 535 feet tall- 61.2 buildings laid end-to-end.
  • The Indy 500- 81 laps (Portland Gran Prix anyone?)
  • Single lap time of Bugatti Veyron, world’s fastest production car, at full speed: 1.47 minutes.  You’re going to have to wait a few weeks to test the Veyron out though:

The I-405 Preservation Project is happening now and there are there are going to be some delays and closures upcoming:

Scheduled Weekend Closures (weather dependent)
Full directional closures (either I-405 NORTH or I-405 SOUTH) will begin at 10 p.m. on the Friday prior to the weekends listed below and end by 5 a.m. on the Monday immediately following the weekend. When one direction of I-405 is closed, the other direction will remain open. Here is the tentative schedule for the I-405 closures, subject to change:

August 1-2
All I-405 NORTH lanes and ramps will be closed
August 15-16
All I-405 SOUTH lanes and ramps will be closed
August 22-23
All I-405 SOUTH lanes and ramps will be closed
September 12-13
All I-405 NORTH lanes and ramps will be closed

Case Shiller will be released tomorrow (previous post on who/what Case Shiller is).  I’ll report on that during the day.

RMLS reported on lockbox activity during the July 4th week and the following:


Holidays clearly inpact showings.  Will record setting heat?  Try to stay cool and have a great week.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder on Case Shiller….I had forgotten who they were exactly. Glad to see the market starting to turn around in a few areas of the country.

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