Painting the Town Green. Painted Grass Update.

First morning: painted grass on 7/10/09.

Two weeks have passed since the grass was painted.  The pictures are taken from the same spot though the bottom one has the afternoon sun on it.  Overall, the color has held better than I thought it would after two weeks.

Two weeks later on 7/23/09

7 Comments on “Painting the Town Green. Painted Grass Update.

  1. Next stop is going to be synthetic grass which we’re starting to see in San Diego due to our water rationing. What a mess!

  2. Why not consult your local nursery to find plants appropriate for the climate? Or a pretty rock garden? I love the rock work at NW 22nd and Johnson.

  3. Unfortunately, in Florida (where grass-painting is quickly catching on) we can’t have rock gardens in place of lawns. The severe winds from the hurricanes turn the rocks into missiles.

  4. Is it a special spray paint or just something like rust-o-leum?

  5. So how would I start a business painting grass?? I would so do that! I’m great with a jam gun or spray gun,…

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