Portland Street of Dreams Going Vertical

This year’s Street of Dreams is in the Pearl District starting Saturday, August 1.

The show features nine units in four developments:

  1. The 114 unit 937 Condominiums
  2. Pearl Condominiums at Block 90
  3. Hoyt Street Properties’ Encore on the Park
  4. Three units in the two tower Waterfront Pearl

This year’s $15 (adult) ticket is the Pearl Pass that includes discounts and offers to many local establishments.  Our understanding of the Pass is that is valid for the whole month but you can only enter each of the four properties once on the same pass (but not necessarily on the same day).

I’ll report more after we attend Realtor Day.

2 Comments on “Portland Street of Dreams Going Vertical

  1. I can’t believe in this housing state of affairs that developers are charging for the ‘honor’ to see their units. My only hope is that 100% goes to some charity.

  2. Have the rural McMansions from the 2007 SOD sold yet? Maybe they should just use that site again.

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