Texting for Portland Real Estate

We’ve started making a transition to non-paper fliers at our listings.  Replacing the flier box with a 11×15 sign.  We are still putting paper fliers inside the property.  The weather-proof sign solves some common paper flier problems:hoyt-green-flier

  • Damp/soggy fliers
  • Waste (the sign backing can be reused)
  • Out of date information
  • Complete lack of information if the box is empty

It does create a couple of challenges:

  • What happens when there is a price change?
  • What is the take away to remember the property by if there is no flier?

Our solution is a text message.  We still have our 2356 NW Hoyt property on the market and have replaced the flier box with a paperless flier.  The property’s website is www.2356NWHoyt.com.  Not everyone has or wants to use their smartphone for browsing the web and searching real estate but by texting 2356NWHoyt to 368266 you’ll receive a text message with the RMLS number, price, link to the website, our contact information and the ability to receive more information by text (fees from your carrier may apply).  You can view the complete flier here: hoyt-green-flier.

Constructive feedback appriciated!

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