Cavet Emptor Your Portland Real Estate Search

(Google likes my typo of caveat so much we’ll leave it be).

Searching for real estate went from book to computer based years ago. The online tools have evolved so that the consumer side of a search provides almost all the information that is available to Realtors.

The difficultly isn’t in setting up searches, it is understanding what results are or aren’t returned. Is your perfect house missing because of the search? The more details you add to the search, the more relevant the results but the more likely listings that matter get eliminated accidentally.

A case in point: The “Short Sale” field was recently added to RMLS. It’s a great tool but not full integrated because not all listings have been updated. ***The following searches will take you to TurnerRealtors.com. You can modify and save searches there.

When I search for “Short Sale” specified listings. There are 205 results. Changing it to “Third Party Approval” listings, there are 693 but in reality, most of them are probably short sales.

Of the 5130 listings in Portland, 194 of them are listed as bank owned.

Wonky results aren’t just limited to new fields that will eventually mature. Listings have some agent interpretation (or flat out errors) in them. When does the Richmond district become Hawthorne? What if it is entered as Hawhtone?

Is the den with a closet a den or a 4th bedroom? It could be listed as 3 bedroom or four.

My point is to be careful when setting up searches so that you don’t miss out on the house that was your soul mate.

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