Portland Weather is Local

We did a few tours last week for a company that is relocating 61 employees to the Portland area.  The common concern (they are coming from California) is the weather.  The typical Portland weather forecast comes from the airport.  Portlanders know that it is usually colder on the east side (PDX is reporting 3 degrees cooler than here). The punchline: the Portland weather is as local as Portland real estate. To that end, we’ve set up our own weather station in the Alphabet District in Northwest Portland and it is reporting to Weather Underground as station KORPORTL133.
The updated image below will move into the archives in the next few days but the current weather in Portland will be displayed on the left sidebar.

When I was in second grade, we moved five miles in search of better weather: moving that much further north in Marin got us out of the fog bank, but where my parents live now, they get more annual rainfall than we get here.

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