Washington County Property Taxes

Multnomah County has long been heralded for its PortlandMaps website as the resource for just about everything relating to the public record  for real estate inside of Multnomah County.  But what about Washington County permit and tax information?

Web-Tax-Statement-09-copy2Washington County’s online presence now has InterMap.  From Intermap, if you click on Assessment & Taxation Information subcategory you can look at the tax record for an individual address within in Washington County. I do not see the current tax year amount amount due  listed but you can get to the amount from the online payment center.  There is a convenience fee for paying online.

The site also has a very good explanation of what your tax bill means (click graphic to enlarge and here to open description in a new window).

There are also instructions on how to appeal your property taxes (by Dec. 31).

You can also skip InterMap altogether and go straight to the taxation and assessment website.

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